Thursday, 30 March 2017


We’re halfway there, so they say.
By now we should have seen some progress;
Though a couple of false starts might be allowed.

Then rungs must be climbed,
Titles assumed, status established.
A cellar stocked, new wheels bought.
Wrinkles filled, where necessary.

Halfway there
And so little to show for it.
Leaves curl and flutter in the gathering wind.

Halfway to a lifetime of loving.

I can tell you of the softness of a baby’s cheek
Now tan and lit by eyes that sparkle humour.
Of loving the same, solid body
That reaches for mine, night after night.
Of sharing half a lifetime of sunsets and caresses.

Of journeys to unknown places that become
Memories of songs sung, friends made,
Islands dancing beyond the trees.

Only halfway there.
And yet, could the place
They sent you in search of
Be any more solid than here?

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