Friday, 2 December 2016

When Life makes us Lean

These last couple of weeks have held a lot of heartache for some people who are very precious to us. There are moments in life that are excruciating and for which all our best answers are trite. These are the times, they tell us, that we really learn to pray. If I find myself - my body as much as my heart - resisting this effort to bring comfort, then perhaps it is because I have too narrow an idea of what prayer is. My imagination inflates, like a balloon, and prayer takes on an appropriate perspective.

I’m Leaning

Leaning sideways
Pulling away from upright
Feeling unbalanced, destabilised.

I’m leaning away from sameness
Away from security, from what I know.

I’m leaning into You, into the sureness,
The certainty of who You are.

I lean.
And there You are.
I lean no further.

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